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University of Central Florida | Beta Zeta

Meet Isabel, Our Vice President of Recruitment

Just a few years ago I was entering college and deciding whether or not to go through recruitment. Choosing to go through the recruitment process and finding my home was the best decision I could have ever made. I have found so much love, support, and confidence through AEPhi. The irreplaceable bonds this chapter has brought to me are truly unmatched. My advice for Potential New Members going through recruitment is to stay true to yourself. Being yourself through this process will allow you to find a home where you feel the best and most comfortable. Keep a positive attitude and an open mind, enjoy the little moments and you will find exactly where you’re meant to be.


Isabel Kusek


have a recommendation? 

Send letters of recommendation to

Isabel Kusek at or via Phi Portal


Please include your full name including maiden, chapter of initiation and year of graduation in your recommendation. 

Alpha Epsilon Phi, Beta Zeta Chapter 

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