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University of Central Florida | Beta Zeta


The mission of Alpha Epsilon Phi is to inspire and support exemplary women dedicated to friendship and a lifelong commitment to Alpha Epsilon Phi while building on the vision of our Jewish founders.

We as sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi are 

Enriched by sisterhood and unconditional friendships, 
Dedicated to selfless service and inspiring others, and 
Committed to intellectual growth and personal development. 


Hi! My name is Leila Parks and it is my honor to serve as the 2023 Chapter President of Alpha Epsilon Phi at the University of Central Florida.

Growing up, I always wished I had a sister. Someone to share clothes with, cry with, and laugh with. When I received my bid for Alpha Epsilon Phi in 2020, I received just that. This chapter has taught me what it truly means to be a sister, woman, and friend. Although I joined in the height of the pandemic, over time, the sisterhood of Alpha Epsilon Phi has proved to be ever growing, steadfast, and constant. Our chapter thrives on standards of academics, community service, and sisterhood, pushing our sisters to be their best and recognize their potential. Without the support of this chapter, I know I could never be where I am today, as President to a chapter of 150 amazing women. These women are strong, selfless, passionate, and loving. Above all else, Alpha Epsilon Phi at UCF strives to be a place where you can be yourself. With that said, I welcome you to see our sisterhood, and all of the things that make AEPhi so special to us.



Leila Parks

Alpha Epsilon Phi, Beta Zeta Chapter | © 2023 by Rachel King

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